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“BLUE. The only color we can feel.” ~ Charles Wayland Towne

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

I like the way you think Mr. Towne! Honestly though I never really feel blue when I’m surrounded by the color. It’s exciting, it’s versatile, and it is luxurious.

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However, I do think we can feel most colors. Remember my Color of the Year for 2021, Razzle Dazzle? I shared how that color makes my heart soar!

Photo Credit: Mary McDonald

For decades now fashion icons across the globe have been preaching ‘Blue is the new Black’. Many in the fashion world say blue is better and more sophisticated than black. It still performs like black, slimming and forgiving, yet it is less harsh. Fashion Editor Imogen Fox once said, “Show me a woman who has no navy blue in her wardrobe, and I'll show you a woman who lacks style”. (Shhh…I will be doing a full inventory of my closet this weekend! I know I must have some navy!)

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I echo these thoughts from the fashion industry on blue vs. black and often apply it to interiors. After the year we just experienced, we need more colors in our lives that we can feel! We are ready to move away from the drab white and grey palettes and color our world!

Photo credit: Werner Straube Photography for Traditional Home

The beauty of blues, in particular navy and ink blue, is they can still present themselves as neutral. The color almost allows those who may be a little less daring with color to stick their toe in the pond for a try! These blues are still very neutral while having some character!

Mixing tonal values of blue creates depth and interest. For the less adventurous, spattering these varied hues of blues throughout a space in accessories, art, and choice pieces of upholstery quickly establishes a refined space with character.

Photo credit: Diana Todorova Photography for LDD Interiors

Paint is certainly an easy way to explore this newly found ‘neutral’. It isn’t as permanent as custom cabinetry or tile, for example, but can still give a punch and presence! This handsome home office by my colleague and co-host of Coast to Coast, Garrison Hullinger showcases the drama and sophistication a rich navy can bring to a space. Even with this overly saturated splash of color, the room remains bright, vibrant, and crisp. See? Color can be fun and easy!

Photo credit: Garrison Hullinger Design

March is a pivotal month as we are ushering out winter and welcoming little glimmers of spring. Watch as our industry shows the blah greys and neutrals to the door and embraces color!

I promise, you’re going to love it!

Photo Credit: Ralph Lauren Homes


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