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Coca Cola Image by Rtmiutgbfr via ,

1922 Studebaker Image by Hyman Ltd Classic Cars via

Fish and Chips Recipe Image by Recipe Curio via

Emeralds Ad Image by Better Homes and Gardens Magazine (1961) via

Norman Rockwell Freedom of Speech Image by Norman Rockwell via

Gone with the Wind Image by Bettmann via

Hands Across America Philadelphia Image by Hands Across America via

How TV Has Radically Changed Our Homes Image(s) by Left: 1961 Swanson Turkey TV Dinners Ad, “Trust Swanson,” published in Life magazine, April 14, 1961, Vol. 50 No. 15, via Flickr. Right: 1965 RCA Victor Color TV Advertisement Newsweek October 18, 1965, by SenseiAlan via Flickr. Sourced from

IBM Image by Edwin Levick via Getty Images sourced from
Mellows Image by Mellow’s Lobster Co. via

Prince Image by Allen Beaulieu via

Prohibition Ends Newspaper Image by The News-Tribune via

Rosie Image by J. Howard Miller via

Sept 11 2001 Flags Outside Homes Image by Danita Delimont via

Kraft Advertisement Image by Kraft via

Simpsons in front of TV Image by The Simpsons/Matt Groening via

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