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All-American Designer Lisa Davenport of LDD INTERIORS is launching a new initiative in: 
Lisa Davenport of LDD Interiors is Living Large in Small Spaces.jpg

Recently, Davenport was driving through Naples, Florida and spied a piece of property she just could not resist. A charming large banyan tree and indigenous foliage formed the setting of a tiny, almost dilapidated manufactured home just begging to be restored. She just could not get that property off her mind! The decision to lovingly rescue the building was easy, and Lisa’s longtime dream of a 100% floor to ceiling American made home was off to the races. What a story!

While it will be a long and challenging journey, Lisa is thrilled to announce that numerous American made companies have signed on to participate in the transformation. LDD Interiors's long-term goal is to help homeowners with small spaces transform their homes into the residences of their dreams, to show how attainable it is to create an All-American home, and to maintain just how beautiful that which is All-American really is. Ain’t that America? 

Follow Lisa as she transform small spaces into American dream home oasis. 
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