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Life is what we create.

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

"Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen." ~ Andrew Zimmern

There’s something that happens in a kitchen, especially around the island. I can honestly say that I think the laughter is slightly deeper, the smiles across the counter are a little brighter, and

honest to Pete I think the food tastes better!

Many of us are finding ourselves spending a lot more time in our homes. We are experiencing a new normal, practicing social distancing as well as home schooling and working from the homestead. Our computers and cell phones are becoming our lifeline to the outside world. It almost feels a little surreal. Here at LDD Interiors your design team is going to continue to fill your screens with beautiful images and stories that are just so gosh darn good, it will just make ya’ll smile!

This week let’s visit some of the LDD Team’s favorite kitchen islands and, while we’re at it, some great activities to do if you’re stuck at home with the kids, significant other, or furry babies!

This is one of my all-time favorite islands. I specifically designed this island for Kristin and her girls to bake at. It was, after all, one of the priorities for the kitchen second only to the large

windows that let the sun stream in and kiss her babies’ cheeks. If you gaze for a few moments

and let your mind wander you can almost see two little towhead girls creating a little mischief,

tossing flour or eating raw cookie dough while giggling loudly and eyes dancing playfully. Maybe

they’re making snickerdoodles; it is one of my all-time favorites to bake and always a hit!

When the LDD Team was selecting our favorites along with what activities you could do at these amazing islands, I had to align homemade hand sanitizer with this almost sparkly and definitely bright kitchen. This design was created a few years ago for long-time professional clients in central Connecticut. I love the cleanliness of the lines, colors, and overall design. Admittedly I almost had to choose this kitchen as relating to hand sanitizer; this fascinating couple are an attorney and a bio chemist! Yes, this kitchen is the perfect fit for them!

My co-host on Coast to Coast Design, designer, and dear friend Garrison Hullinger is responsible for this sleek beauty, and it’s among Kathleen’s favorites! She can see herself diving into an enjoyable evening of making homemade pizza. There is plentiful space on the island to lay out a variety of toppings and mix up her dough. Not to mention, there is enough room in the kitchen overall for Kathleen to toss her dough into a perfectly thinned crust. If this amazing little experience doesn’t end in success, she can order the pizza in! All she would have to do is pull up a stool on the other end of this showstopper!

I know that doing good deeds for others can raise our own spirits as much as others. Teaching our kiddlets and youth these simple yet powerful lessons is important now more than ever. Kathleen found this bright, happy kitchen by designer Lauren Shadid that is the perfect match up to the next stuck at home suggestion: get creative and make homemade cards! Sharing your own creativity, style, and personality is one of the best ways to warm another’s heart. Now more than ever we need to be filling each other’s souls with love, positive energy, and gratitude. Imagine the feeling you would have in finding a little something that was customized just for you in your mailbox, left on your front porch, or taped to your door. I’m confident it’ll make you smile.

I think it is fair to say this kitchen is a classic. Hard to believe I designed this beauty back in 2013 but, then again, designs like this are timeless. With the view of the courtyard at the end of this island I couldn’t help but want to bring the outdoors in. Of course that leads to our last great task to do at the island. How about planting or starting an herb garden! There is nothing quite like fresh herbs to cook with. I can almost smell the fresh sauce simmering on the stove!

Roll up those sleeves, cook, bake, plant, and create! While you’re at it wash your hands and love your kitchen!


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