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All-American Tour

“An All-American Tour!” Through my computer I watch my very dear friend and publicist Christine look towards the heavens and spread her hands out wide, gesturing as if she was highlighting a marquee. She turned back to the computer, her eyes dancing with excitement as she flashed her infectious smile. “Oh Darlin’ it’s perfect for you! You’re a great speaker and this one supports your mission. Whadaya say…you in?”

In? If I could have climbed through the computer screen and kissed her right then and there, I would have. She had just delivered up an opportunity to share my dream with the attendees of the High Point Furniture Market.

It was a tall order; I could only choose five showrooms for this tour. “Choose wisely, Honey, and keep them close in proximity. This is a walking tour, got it?” I nodded, my face resembling a deer caught in the headlights. “Good. Let me know who you choose. Gotta run, love you more than cake!” Christine blew a kiss into the screen and was gone.

Was it difficult to choose just five? Yes, it was. High Point Market is huge, but that ‘proximity’ issue helped narrow down my choices. I reviewed the map and was able to select five of my favorite showrooms within walking distance! Curious who made the cut? Read on….

All-American Home Design featuring Lloyd Flanders

Lloyd Flanders

We began our tour in one of my favorite showrooms: Lloyd Flanders in the Suites at Market Square. This is where the world’s most popular wicker furniture was born! The Lloyd loom was invented in 1916, and this patented process is how Lloyd Flanders continues to make their wicker furniture in Menominee, Michigan. Still a family-owned company, Lloyd Flanders offers twenty different colors and styles to fit any décor. It is by far some of the most comfortable outdoor furniture designed and created, which I can confidently attest to. In our home in Connecticut, I can be found occasionally (*cough* possibly a little more than occasionally) enjoying a little siesta on our Hampton Sofa. A pair of Lloyd Loom Rockers also reside in my kitchen, where they have lulled babies to sleep and created a space for great conversations to be had. There is something very special and soothing about rocking in a chair with such a great company story. More to come on that—stay tuned for a future blog!

All-American Home Design featuring Capel Rugs

Our tour allowed us to skip across the hall to Capel Rugs. These are not your grandmother’s braided rugs! Capel Rugs has been creating the finest braided rugs in North Carolina since 1917. These beauties come with a unique quality; they are reversible! I like to say you’re getting two rugs for the price of one! Another family-owned company, the people at Capel Rugs take a lot of pride in what they are creating and who they are producing for. They have turned braided rugs on their head! Their designs transition easily from a New England 1875 center hall colonial to a Southwest Florida coastal contemporary home. We have so much more to share…check back soon on that.

All-American Design featuring Eastern Accents

The next stop gave us a little opportunity to stretch our legs as we snaked through the Suites and into Market Square, landing in Eastern Accents. I love this Chicago based company; I always feel at home here. Maybe it’s the piles of pillows, beautiful throws, or luxurious bedding ensembles inviting me in for a fabulous slumber (hmmm, anyone else picking up on my sudden fixation on sleep?). Feeling at home in Eastern Accents is so much more than the goods they create. This family-owned business fosters a culture in their company that makes you feel like you’re family. Probably because they treat each piece as if they were making it for themselves. My relationship with Eastern Accents spans more than a decade, and relationships like that speak for themselves. There are some great stories to be told. Watch for those to show up here soon!

We then put our luck to the test! Saturday’s weather was forecasting soaking rains. As we began our tour, I assured our guests that it would not rain. After all, we had to leave the Markets and skip over to IHFC for two more of my favorite companies. We could not miss out on these gems. As we approached the exit, ready to step out onto the sidewalk, the sun broke through the clouds. I turned on my heel and raised my arms to the heavens, declaring victory over the rains! Our guests let out a sigh of relief and a good hearty chuckle.

All-American Design Featuring Norwalk Furniture

Norwalk Furniture welcomed us with open arms, and our guests were impressed. This Ohio based company is so much more than great upholstery and superb quality: they are survivors. The Norwalk Furniture company is another example of Americans at their finest. Established in 1902, they have weathered two world wars, multiple building booms, and recessions. The worst recession for the company was in 2008, when they were on the brink of bankruptcy. That’s when 12 families banded together to save the largest employer in Norwalk, Ohio. They bought, rebuilt, and rebranded Norwalk furniture. Neighbors helping neighbors—a community coming together and working as a team to build their own future. Is there anything more All-American than that?

All-American Design featuring Hubbardton Forge

Our last stop was just a short walk through IHFC to Hubbardton Forge, where modern day blacksmiths spin art into lighting. Hubbardton Forge began in 1974 with two college graduates following their passion. What started as repairs to the town snowplow blossomed into fireplace accessories and then lighting. The people at Hubbardton Forge believe in supporting local craftsman. They source their LED lights, glass, wood, and leather from their home state, Vermont, and neighbor state, New Hampshire. I’ve had the pleasure of touring their factory, where the culture is exceptional. As I spent some time in their manufacturing plant, I was greeted warmly by hundreds of employees smiling, eager to share their craft, educate me, and to make me part of their dream. It was crystal clear to me that this was so much more than a job…it was an honor to be contributing to the success of the company. The employees are makers of not just a light fixture, but something special.

An All-American Tour. Yes, it was all of that and more. Thank you to Kimberly with IMC for believing in our mission. Every day we are building new connections, resources, and relationships to share with you. We are test driving many products ourselves in the Little House so that you can be rest assured I stand behind them.

Yeah, you’re gonna love this…stay tuned, we’re just getting started.

LDD Interiors looks to preserve American craftsmanship in our designs as much as possible and support home grown talent.

LDD Interiors looks to preserve American craftsmanship in our designs as much as possible and support home grown talent.


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