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Can't touch this...

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Is anyone else looking at doorknobs with a completely different set of eyes these days? Lately I find myself approaching a door with more caution than I did just a few weeks ago. As my arm stretches out and my hand hovers over the knob, I can literally hear the screeching soundtrack from the Psycho shower scene with Norman Bates! I almost shudder at the thought of what is living on the handle!

As designers, doorknobs are one of those details that we see differently than most. Doorknobs are much like the perfect set of earrings for that little black dress! Depending on your personal style, the earrings may be bold and flashy or simple and classic!

Turn up your speakers and let MC Hammer bang out his ‘U Can’t Touch This!’ (*giggle*) … This is my little attempt to add some humor to your day in this crazy new world we’re living in! Scroll through some of our favorite doorknobs. Take note, the simple task of changing a doorknob can give a space or room a fresh new look … by the time you’re done maybe you’ll see doorknobs in a fresh new light!

Martin Pierce Hardware takes us to places hardware has never been before. The Hedgerow Entry Way Lever is only a sneak peek of what is offered in this line. Pour over the unique pieces available, many embrace nature… something we’ve all been doing a little more of lately.

Emtek makes dressing your doors with your own signature style simple and fun with their Design to Your Style program. Choose your handle, choose your back plate, and mix and match your finishes!

Who doesn’t need an angel with outstretched wings watching over us? Well these are eagle wings, and eagles fly pretty close to heaven! These three foot Eaglewing handles by Philip Watts make a bold statement and certainly will cause people to take pause before entering!

It is hard to choose just one special set from Rocky Mountain Hardware, like the above Stepped Entry Set. They offer a wide range of finishes and styles, but most important the hardware is expertly crafted in America. Make sure you explore the entire site…it’s amazing quality! So DO touch it…dress those doors with your signature style and personality. I’d love to hear what your favorites are! And…you’re welcome…I’m sure you now have this little tune bouncing around in your head….


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