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Celebrating America. Made here. Designed here.

As we embark upon this festive, celebratory weekend we all know it is going to look a little different. Celebrations, parades, cookouts, and firework displays will be scaled back, if not canceled altogether. I asked the LDD Team to help me celebrate the beautiful country we live in a little differently… we are sharing some of our favorite red white and blue home furnishings and accessories that are made right here in our great country! Let’s keep Americans working during these challenging times… we’re in this together!

We’re all spending a lot more time outdoors. Tis the season and, quite honestly, it is safer to gather this way. One of Kathleen’s favorite made in America lines is Elaine Smith. These custom-made pillows offer a wide variety of patterns, textures, and styles. They easily transition from use outdoors to indoors!

Classic, traditional design elements are making a comeback. Of course they are, as many of us are looking for the ability to foster and experience nostalgia. We’re finding clients requesting pieces that resurrect those sentimental feelings of grandma’s house or a childhood home. The Sloane Settee by Square Feathers takes the classic elements of that cottage front hall bench with an updated modern spin. This is just one of many offerings Ron McIntyre has designed, and is producing, in his Austin, Texas studio. His line is a flawless blend of classic, traditional styling with contemporary flare.

Nothing says ‘all American’ more than the company Barn Light Electric. I discovered Barn Light Electric earlier this year when I was on a fierce hunt for lighting for our kitchen remodel. I was bound and determined to design and execute our kitchen with as many made-in-America products as I could lay my hands on! Barn Light Electric has revived the time-honored process of crafting porcelain enamel lighting and, just like the bench from Square Feather, rekindles memories of times gone by. This porcelain enamel lighting catapults me back to Dziadek’s home. Especially the schoolhouse light I chose for over our dinette table. I remember a similar light over the sink from when I was in the house when I was very young.

Every home needs that perfectly scaled display cabinet. Gat Creek offers just such a piece: a handcrafted Bridgeport four door cabinet, complete with LED lighting to highlight the treasures you choose to put on display. Each piece is individually made and signed by the craftsman. Gat Creek believes that American made products go much deeper than an expression of patriotism and pride. Keeping factories and shops in small towns is not a quaint ideal. Gat Creek believes these businesses are essential to our country’s future. I couldn’t agree more.

I am committed to continually finding American made products for our clients. It brings me great satisfaction to know we are pulling together to keep the economy going, and to keep Americans working. This weekend, as we celebrate the adoption of our Declaration of Independence 244 years ago, let’s celebrate all those American businesses… cheers to good ole American talent!


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