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Confidence is the Centerpiece of a Successful Space

Faith is the centerpiece of a connected life.

~Terry Tempest Williams

What is a connected life? That is a pretty loaded question. Now more than ever many of us feel more disconnected than we do connected. Although, maybe, during this time when we are forced to distance ourselves we will find inner peace and faith. Faith takes on many different meanings. It could be spiritual, it could be trust, it could be allegiance or loyalty, it could be confidence.

Stay with me… I would image you’re wondering how all this talk about spirituality and a connected life has to do with home design! What if we were to wordsmith Terry’s quote and spin it to apply to design?

‘Confidence is the centerpiece of a successful space.’

For those of us in the design industry this is a powerful statement. For the laymen in design this can be a tad intimidating. The last thing I want is to instill doubt or fear when it comes to design. Know that our intent is to do exactly what the quote states: empower you with confidence.

Kathleen and I brainstormed this blog originally to be just about centerpieces; how to dress your coffee table, the center of you dining table, or kitchen island. As it often happens when my fingers start to fly over the keyboard the ideas morph. I like the direction this one is taking. The centerpiece of any design is the story. As designers we dig deep, analyze and define how to tell the story, and when we establish it we execute it with conviction and confidence!

Sit back and enjoy some of these great centerpieces… I’m confident you’ll see them as a success.

Here, city meets country. It is where old friends meet and maybe make a few new ones. There is an overwhelming feeling of home- it is where everyone knows your name. Well, Norm isn’t sitting on the corner bar stool, but when LDD was asked to create all this for Urban Lodge Brewing Company, Lisa and Kathleen spun the owner’s vision into a space that tells their story exquisitely. It can easily be assumed that the success of design stands proudly on one key element: the ‘centerpiece’. But quite the contrary. The subtle mixing of two juxtaposing styles compliment personal details, family photos, board games, throw pillows, area rugs, and intimate gathering spaces that all together drive the original design concept home.

When the view is the centerpiece, the design can become a challenge. Immediately upon entering this Naples, Florida high rise I knew the design needed to compliment, and not compete, with the Gulf of Mexico. Many would believe that the color palette would be the driving force to a successful design. And while the colors do support the success, they are not the driving force. Instead, guests are discretely guided to the Gulf view by the direction of walnut hardwood flooring and ceiling beams. It was a bold decision to add the beams to this remodel, as the ceilings are only 8 feet tall. I tricked the eye by painting the ceiling a very, very, subtle blue. This ‘raised’ the ceiling and consecutively elevated that ‘centerpiece’ into guest’s sightline.

I’d venture to say this jewel of a bathroom took a little ingenuity to pull off its success!Seriously, who shoehorns all this into a space that is five foot by four foot nine inches?! Boldness, drama, and a little sass is what guests are gifted when they enter this powder room. While the entire home we designed for these client is spectacular, I’ve always been a little partial to this amazing little ‘centerpiece’, ironically centrally located on the first floor!

I couldn’t resist sharing with you a different kind of ‘centerpiece’. I hope you are now looking at your spaces with a different set of eyes, and with confidence! Kathleen and Kate are collecting some amazing centerpiece (the traditional definition of centerpiece ) for you on our Instagram feed… follow us there for some traditional ideas!

Up next week: outdoor living. Wait until you see what Kathleen and I have in store for you!


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