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Dazzling Doors

Doors fascinate me.  Maybe it all started with my wild childhood imagination and my reading of “The Secret Garden”.  In my young, innovative mind the door was an intricate carved design, aged with a rich patina, and tightly embraced by spidery legs of ivy masking its beauty.

I’ve always believed doors offer opportunity. As a mindset, I’ve always tried to walk up to doors, both literally and figuratively, with the attitude something wonderful is behind them, even in the most challenging of situations.  After all, even a closed door offers the possibility of being opened with a knock…or a kick!

So as the Pinterest craze continues to build, I found I wasn’t alone in my fascination with doors!  I found doors of every shape, color, and style imaginable …. and I continue to! I imagine the stories, the history, and the opportunities each one offers!  Here are some of my current favorites.  Check in with me in a few weeks on my Dazzling Doors Board…I’m certain I will have found different favorites!

Photo credit US Doors & Moore Inc

photo credit Instagram @dantedelafrasse

photo credit

photo credit The Tree of Gondor

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