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Timeframe: 3 Days

Location: Las Vegas KBIS, IBS & NHS Convention

Mission: To find as many American made products as possible.

Last month, Joe and I pulled on our boots, fueled our bodies with a hearty breakfast, and packed multiple water bottles. We were on a mission. Joe strapped on my beloved Moore & Giles backpack, which I cleverly stuck an American flag into the pocket of, and we hit the ground hard looking to fulfill our assignment: hunt down those American made products.

Since the inception of the Little House renovation, we have been pouring ourselves into researching American made products. This year’s show was a great opportunity for us to not only continue the research, but to also learn the stories behind the companies! It’s no secret, I love a good story.

We opened every conversation with the same sentence:

“Can you share where your products are manufactured?”

When the response was…





Or any other foreign country…our reply was the same.

“Thank you, but…no thank you!”

When the answer was…

“Here in the States”

“New Jersey”



Or any other state in the amazing country we call the United States…our answer was the same.

“Yes! That’s amazing! Let’s talk…

I want to share with you our mission…”

It was interesting to me to watch each sales team’s reaction to my question. The faces of the sales teams from a good portion of foreign companies fell a bit when they answered (maybe it was that American flag peeking out over Joe's shoulder). Quite the contrary, the American made

companies sales teams all proudly squared up their shoulders, smiled, and barked off their answers.

Yes, they were proud. They all couldn’t wait to share the story, the history…their company’s American Dream.

We were very successful. We found everything from cabinets to closet systems. We found work gloves and hand cleaners, exterior siding, roofing, decking and windows, paint brushes, wrenches and other hand tools, appliances, plumbing fixtures, counter tops, LVT wall systems, cabinet hardware, and interior cabinet systems.

The list is extensive, and a blog post on all we found would be a short book! So, we’re going to do one better. {sb}Cre8tive , the Cre8tive genius behind much of our marketing materials and websites, is working with us to create a gallery resource on our website.

Yes, your own thoughtfully vetted collaboration of American vendors who share the same great

values. We have some amazing stories to share. For example, remember Channellock tools?

Every household in America I’m sure has one in a toolbox somewhere. Joe and I had the opportunity to meet the fifth-generation owners. It all started in 1886 when founder George DeArment, a blacksmith from PA, started hand forging tools. The company never lost sight of their mission and, 137 years later, they are still doing it all in PA. They even make sure the packaging is produced here in the States. Now that’s all American.

The mission is possible…and we are making it happen.

Stay tuned, you’re gonna love this.

LDD Interiors looks to preserve American craftsmanship in our designs as much as possible and support home grown talent.


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