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Mix and Match...Emtek Takes Hardware to a New Level

I take a lot of pride in our design work at LDD.  We work so hard to design for our clients’ styles, needs, and budgets while still creating breathtaking interiors.  Even with this design mission, I still have my own signature style, Cashmere & Blue Jeans®, so I’m often looking for products that align with that signature style.  For years I’ve used Emtek as a staple for hardware in my designs.  This line has always had a strong price point, great quality, and just enough variation to fit all my clients different design aesthetics and price points.   I honestly usually glaze over the line when looking for that real special stuff, after all, I only saw the line as a ‘staple’.

Well that recently changed this past March at the Arch Digest Show in NYC!  I almost breezed by the Emtek booth.  I knew the product, and I was on the hunt for new, different, cutting edge products.   That’s when I saw it…a pile of backplates and knobs on a large table.  I was drawn to the display and then focused in on another guest locking together different knobs with different backplates.   I started to play too!  Every knob or lever I grabbed fit into a different backplate.

I was in my own little world imagining the possibilities of what sat before me, when a voice from above the table inquired, “well, what do you think?”

“Am I seeing this correctly … I can mix and match all of these and create my own look?”

“Pretty much, yup!”

“Pinch me, I must be dreaming!  Wow!  Talk to me, did we just triple the cost of your product to do this?”

“No, the line still has a very obtainable price point with a ton of options!”

I thought I had just entered designer nirvana…I had found a product that represented my signature style!  I could create combinations that were authentic, polished, supple, splendorous, rustic, refined, easy, chic, comfortable, time-honored, organic…all in one combination of hardware!

I can use a casual rustic matte black backplate with a sophisticated cut glass knob…or use the satin nickel orb knob on a polished nickel square backplate creating a soft two tone effect!  What exciting stuff!

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