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Mother Nature's Concert Hall

The earth has music for those who want to listen

~William Shakespeare

We're about to embark upon another weekend! I, personally, have great plans to take some time to enjoy Mother Earth's music. Our home in Connecticut has been under a shroud of renovation dust for months. In addition to a kitchen remodel, we also have our own backyard oasis underway.

This weekend I will be elbow deep in my gardens weeding, mulching, transplanting, and planting. Designing exterior environments is so much more than a 12x16 deck or patio with a dinette table and few comfy chairs. Just like our interiors we need to layer color, pattern, and texture. We need to appeal to our five senses and, well, my five design must haves: Life, Light, Literature, Reflection, Repetition & Variation.

Grab your favorite summer beverage and become inspired. Listen to the recital Mother Earth is playing and dream about the concert hall you can create to celebrate her great performances!


Celebrate plant life large and small. Find special homes for your plants and unique pieces of pottery. Couple them with contrasting species, nestle them on walls or in a cozy corner and they will reward your space with breaths of lavish greenery and flowers. On occasion, for a special planter, offer a solo appearance: make sure it is a showstopper! I imagine your plants will offer a smile or two also!

Photo credit Landino Photo


Light creates shadows and shadows tell stories. Stories are the music of our lives. Often when we think of light we associate it with flipping a switch. The sun, however, coupled with what nature offers naturally, paints an amazing picture continually changing and singing.

Photo credit: Landino Photo


Nothing is more inviting than finding a book in an outdoor space. More often than not we are subconsciously drawn into the space by literature. We’re curious by nature and will, at the very least, look to see what the book is. The simple act of leaving a book out will encourage guests, or even yourself, to sit for a spell and listen. There is an amazing melody playing out around you.

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Photo credit: Landino Photo

That light I spoke of earlier loves to dance! Finding ways to reflect it creates quite a choreography to compliment the symphony Mother Nature is performing! Water, fire, metal, and glass surfaces all break out into their own sambas and jitterbugs when the opportunity is offered. Weave them into your space, sit back, and enjoy the show.

Repetition and Variation

Photo credit: Landino Photo

Repeat and vary. It is as simple as that. This Boston three-tiered courtyard I designed a few years ago echoes the importance this last, yet vital, ‘design must have’. Intertwined are slate and stone elements for walkways, patios, and walls. Subtly repeating, the slate roof and brick wall vary in scale and pattern. Begonias, with their rich red-orange hues, not in repetition to the brick with a newfound texture. Boxwoods, various ivies, and ornamental grasses add height and structure while mimicking the blanket of grass that softens the hardscaping. Imagine enjoying this oasis while the hustle and bustle of Boston bubbles around you. I know first-hand, you’ll still hear the music Mother Nature has to share.

What does your concert hall look like? Start dreaming… you’re going to love the show.


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