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The Way of the Future in Kitchen Design

Earlier this month Kathleen and I attended the Design Bloggers Conference in Beverly Hills.  It was two and a half days of intense conferences, networking, and product introduction and knowledge.  Wait…what?  Product introduction and knowledge? It’s a blogger’s conference for gosh sakes…well let me tell you…my stilettos were blown off!  There were some incredible innovative introductions, but in this designer’s opinion, Monogram took the cake! I suspect you’ll agree!

While still in the conceptual stage, Monogram has created an all-inclusive kitchen IN AN ISLAND!

Imagine being able to have a refrigerator, sink, stove, compost, dishwasher, and herb garden all in one island!  #mindblown

The reality is this is perfect for urban living.  Think about those small loft spaces where this ingenious approach would solve so many small living issues!

I’m loving this self-watering herb garden that is also fed from the compost bin…what? It’s like they’ve just created gardening for idiots!  Now that I’m splitting my time between my Connecticut and Florida homes, I can no longer maintain those lush huge gardens I’ve enjoyed for almost two decades in Connecticut (or can I?…Who’s willing to spend a little quality time with me *insert giggle*!).  This is the perfect answer for those without the time to tend to large gardens or who just lack the space!

Well done Monogram!  I’m so glad you introduced Lisa Davenport Designs to this cutting edge design.  I can’t wait for it to move from concept to reality!

Want to see this island in action? …. Click here for full video!

I also found a few other neat things at the Design Bloggers Conference.  I’ll share those soon.  In the meantime, this week the entire LDD team heads to NYC for the Architectural Digest Design Show!  Just imagine what we will find there!


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