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By agreeing to LDD Interiors Terms and Services you (the Client) confirm that:

The budget range Client provides does not include any taxes, freight or shipping charges.

Any products LDD suggests are to be acquired, paid for, and received solely by Client.  LDD will not be held liable for ordering, shipping, receiving, or inspecting products.


LDD is not responsible and will not be held liable in any fashion, if product vendors charge additional fees of any kind, adjust their pricing between presenting and ordering or change product in any way, including discrepancies in or issues with fabric dye lots or hard finishes.  


Damages or discrepancies of any kind occurring prior to and after receipt of product are the sole responsibility of the Client.  

LDD suggests products based solely on the information received from the Client.  LDD does not investigate the quality of the product.  Should Client find damages or quality issues, such issues are to be solely between the Client and the providing Vendor.

LDD will not be held responsible or liable in any way should the vendor(s) information prove to be false, misleading, or tainted. Information includes but is not limited to, sizing, coloration, material, etc.


The warranties provided by the manufacturers are between the manufacturer and the Client.  LDD will not be a conduit for the Client should these issues arise. 

LDD does not have any vested interests, ownership or connection whatsoever with any vendors or websites we suggest.  Therefore LDD is not  liable for the content of any websites or information used or suggested.


LDD Interiors maintains the right to all concepts, ideas, and designs and may use any and all concepts, ideas, and/or designs at their own discretion.

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