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First Responders 

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We have home design solutions created especially for you.

Because we understand the impacts that a First Responder’s job has on their entire family....

Thank you for your work and dedication


& quiet

The job is filled with highs and lows. Adrenaline rushes are commonplace. 


The fallout from this continuous stress on your body is often coupled with difficulty relaxing and sleeping. 


Sleep is vitally important for your mental and physical health. We need you. Here we have found ways to make sure you’re resting comfortably. 


Beef up on the textiles in your bedroom space: draperies, rugs, bedding.  The more textiles you have the more sound is absorbed, hence a tranquil and serene environment.


During renovations or new construction consider insulating the bedroom walls.


Layering draperies creates the ability to block light leakage and  ensures a cozy dark room. 

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Blue Surface
Design Solution 3.png

Consider the color palette for the space. The psychology of the color of your room is important.


For a more calming effect on the brain, blue tones are the number one choice... muted and soothing. 


& chill

Leaving the ‘job’ at the job is essential.  Sometimes the trip from work to your home is enough, sometimes it's not.


We have solutions to create an oasis you can escape to temporarily. 


We can combine fresh air and comfort to envelop you like a warm blanket. 

White Washed Wood


Incorporate rocking chairs into your design. Back porch sitting and rocking releases endorphins in the brain which can improve mood and reduce stress and pain. The rhythm can be harmonic.

Fun Fact

JFK used a rocking chair for thinking and to ease his back pain.


Quiet spaces filled with plant life have been proven to help speed up recovery from mental fatigue. Couple this with a space that includes lots of natural light to ward off depression and anxiety. Allow the sun to kiss your face and the plants to soothe your soul. 



Meditation space or a chill corner.


Our minds can often be our own worst enemies.


This chill corner doesn’t require a lot of space or effort: a comfortable chair, a small table for a candle or a small water feature is all you need.


It is important that this is your little oasis for a sliver of quiet time.


We'd love to get to know you better.

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Pedicured Feet
Pedicured Feet


& free

Now more than ever protecting your family from contaminants that you may be exposed to during your day is a priority.


We’ve put a lot of thought into helping you keep your family safe and healthy which, in turn, gives you piece of mind.

Water Sprinkler
Staycation Pool House Backyard Rebuild.j


When the climate is agreeable, an outdoor shower offers more than the ability to clean up. It can also weave the great outdoors into your experience.


The affects of nature add a soothing, decompressing element to this activity.

Clean Bubbles

Mudroom spaces that incorporate laundry rooms create an opportunity to strip away the day's soiled clothes and deposit them directly into an awaiting washing machine.


If space allows, a shower within the room will provide you the opportunity to be squeaky clean before you greet your family.

KBG Design.png


Woman Cooking in Kitchen
Woman Cooking in Kitchen


& recharge

Feeding your body is as important as feeding your mind.  It is vitally important that you are able to execute this with ease and enjoyment. 


Another great example of how your self-care can be felt in beautiful little corners of your home.

Marble Surface


A designated space for your morning, afternoon or evening coffee sounds like a minor little luxury, but when everything you need is at your fingertips, it does bring peace of mind.


There is a calm that washes over you when you’re not riffling though cabinets, looking for supplies to make your brew. 


This space is designed just for you!


Create a well-organized pantry with quick grab and go snacks.


These pantry spaces could be within a cabinet or a closet.


Either way when everything has a place, and there is a place for everything, there is a sense of calm and serenity.



Front ver2.jpg


& sanctity

You understand outside threats more than the average person. Knowing your family is safe while you are away allows you to do your job. Security and camera systems are obvious solutions. 


We offer up a few more.

Blurry Lights


You need peace of mind that your family is safe and secure while you’re away. A well-lit perimeter around your home will deter those looking for opportunity. 


Landscape lighting offers a soft calming environment, and flood lights can be added at the flip of a switch, if needed.

White Plants

Man's best friend … while it may not be a design solution these furry family members offer so much more than security... they offer sanctity and companionship.


They don’t ask questions, they don’t need answers, they just need your love.

Welcome Home



We'd love to get to know you better.

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Your home is your oasis, never compromise.

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