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April Showers bring May Flowers

… and a lot of mud.

Lisa's favorite red boots for mud season

I have always loved watching my yard come to life in April, but I've never enjoyed dealing with the mud, washed-out driveway, and the raw feeling of a rainy spring day.

What’s a gal to do to keep her spirits up when the showers and mud puddles arrive?

Find pretty things that make me smile. 

This collection of my favorite florals, inspired by American-made products, is sure to warm your heart, like the soft spring sun breaking through the clouds. Yep, you’re going to love this.

Galbraith & Paul, a studio based in Pennsylvania, produces some of the finest hand-blocked wallpapers and fabrics using a craft that is 2000 years old. As April showers bring May flowers and singing birds, Galbraith & Paul's 'Birds' wallpaper in Lavender, which is available in 10 colors (customization is always an option), is a precious addition to any home decor.

Persian Garden is another beautiful representation of the art of handblocked fabrics, hand blocking creates a natural- looking, perfectly imperfect pattern.

Yes, you read that correctly - perfectly imperfect, just like Mother Earth herself. I find more beauty in a gnarly branch of roses climbing an arbor than in the rigid lines of the arbor itself. The roses are imperfectly spaced and have blooms in various stages of growth, yet they are still perfect to me.

"Spring Delivered" by Sonia Noir

I have a big smile on my face when I look at the print named "Spring Delivered" by Sonia Noir from Left Bank Art. They have been producing high-quality art prints in California since 1971 and are one of our favorite art vendors to work with.

Left Bank Art is known for featuring exceptional artists, and it's not difficult to find cheerful floral artworks that lift one's spirits.

colorful painting called Poppies for Days

Artist Fern Cassidy certainly delivers with her stunning piece titled "Poppy's for Days".

This artwork is versatile enough to complement any design aesthetic, and the wide range of colors is so rich that it can easily fit into any color scheme.

I love a good story, and one of my favorites is about Tempaper. I'm hopeful that one day we can tour their factory! Let me tell you a bit about the company - it was founded by a couple of tenacious young women who never took no for an answer. What they've built is quickly becoming one of my favorite American-made wallpaper companies. Just imagine a room with Canopy wallpaper in Robins Egg Rainforest - how beautiful would that be?"

Wait you don’t have to imagine because just look what they’ve showcased on their website … which they do for almost all their wallcoverings, these gals are not only talented designers but stellar marketers!

Don’t be fooled, the Tempaper sisters aren’t all traditional wallcoverings, they offer a lot of different design styles, for example, I’m over the moon with this transitional overscale floral.

And I can’t agree more … it would make a stunning dinette space!

As April comes to a close, I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of May flowers. I will be wearing my red Hunter boots to protect myself from the puddles and mud as I search for signs of life in my garden. I have faith that Mother Nature will not disappoint me, as she always delivers.

LDD Interiors Made in America Logo

LDD Interiors looks to preserve American craftsmanship in our designs as much as possible and support home grown talent.


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