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February Highlights: Get to know Kathleen, LDD's Senior Designer

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” 

― Michael Jordan

I am quite fortunate to have won many games and championships. I know games and

championships will continue to occur for LDD as a result of the amazing team that I

have assembled within LDD Interiors.

In February we launched a social media campaign focusing on LDD’s Senior Designer,

Kathleen Rapp. Of course February is that month that always comes to a screeching

halt before I realize it, so it should be no surprise that I’m late in posting this final blog

about Kathleen! If you don’t already love her, you will!

As Kathleen enters her sixth year with LDD, she continues to bring to our firm not only

her talent but also her personality that is the perfect complement to my own. I

personally adore Kathleen’s style; it’s fresh and often has a little glitz and glam of its

own. Most of all, I love that she understands the importance of telling a story when

designing for our clients. This family room for one of our Connecticut clients showcases

her talents beautifully. Pay close attention to the layering of textures, patterns, and yes,

that subtle introduction of glitz and glam all balanced beautifully with causal and

comfortable finishes.

As a designer her knowledge of construction and custom cabinetry has grown by leaps

and bounds. Our contractors enjoy the creativity she brings them with her designs. She

pushes the traditional envelope of design, and the results are not only fantastic but also

quite often a showstopper!

Kathleen has some special projects in the works for our clients at LDD Interiors, and I

am really looking forward to sharing them with all of you…stay tuned! Yeah, you’re

gonna love it!


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