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Make Your Bed

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

It’s January, which means a good portion of us have made our New Year resolutions. By now, the third week of January, many of us are struggling to stay committed to those resolutions. After a few trips around the sun…and, quite honestly, my own failed New Year Resolutions, I’ve learned to be kinder to myself and to see these resolutions as intentions. When we can’t follow through with a resolution, we see it as a failure. However, if we fall and skin our knees with an intention, we can try again the next day. After all, we are ‘intending’. In short, intentions are attainable.

Our New Year intentions aren’t going to change the world—or are they? Admiral William H. McRaven delivered a commencement speech to the graduating class at the University of Texas in 2014. During his speech, he spoke to how far our reach could be if we just changed the lives of ten people, and how we could change the world by making our bed. The speech went viral and, shortly after, the Admiral penned the book Make your Bed. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading it; make the time.

Admiral McRaven says: “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.” He speaks to the importance of starting the day with a task accomplished, and how little things matter. If you can’t complete a simple little task, how will you complete the big ones in life? The Admiral’s speech continues with nine other golden nuggets of wisdom. Although, since I’ve read the book, (twice, I might add) the first pearl of wisdom has been tugging at me.

It is a common misconception that a beautifully made bed is an expensively made bed. However, it is not expensive linens that are needed to make a beautiful bed. One can make a bed beautiful merely through care and intention. Think about this: we spend, on average, 30% of our lives sleeping. What is the cost of a good night’s sleep? That time spent sleeping is when we regenerate our souls and recharge our bodies. We deserve a well-made bed, which can be simple to achieve. After all, you’re worth it.

Is your personality laid back and understated? Your bed should reflect this. Peaceful colorations such as soft blues, crisp whites, and tone on tone patterns will cultivate this style. Legacy Linens, produced in Virginia, offers the Allaire collection and everything your heart needs to decompress at the end of the day. Not to mention a classic bed to make each day!

Is your personality a little more playful? Bright fun patterns that make you smile may be more your vibe. Fresh sunny yellows and vibrant greens coupled with clean white are sure to bring a smile to your face the moment you enter the room. Eastern Accents of Chicago, Illinois created this happy ensemble that is sure to make your heart soar! The Meyer collection will deliver up cheerful mornings making this bed each day and will have you walking on sunshine.

There will be those who just want a timeless bed; a place to be that is more reserved. Colorations that are soothing, style that is settling, no competition in pattern, and just a calming environment. After all, who doesn’t want to escape from the world, the constant influx of negativity, unhealthy debating, and finger pointing our media and social platforms are badgering us with?! Matouk from Fall River, Massachusetts fabricates some of our country’s best linens. Here, Nocturne linens are paired with a few additional understated patterns to deliver up the perfect escape. Sleep will come easily here, and it will be a cinch to make the bed!

However you decide to make your bed; make it. Make it with intention. Arrive home after a day is done and enter your space—the place that holds your dreams, both literally and figurately. I’ve always said dreams are just another term for our future. You can’t achieve your goals or build a better life without a good night sleep, and you certainly can’t change the world without a good night sleep.

Make your bed…thank you, Admiral McRaven. Making my bed has a whole new meaning.

Do you make your bed? We'd love to see it. Tag us @lddinteriors

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