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Memorial Day Musings

“America without her soldiers would be like God without His angels.”

~Claudia Pemberton

Memorial Day looks a little different this year. Across the country we will celebrate those who made the ultimate sacrifice without parades, dedications at monuments, road races, or big community barbecues.

Yet that doesn’t mean Memorial Day shouldn’t be celebrated. It is an important day of reflection and thanks that deserves proper acknowledgement and recognition. Let’s fire up those grills, dust off the patio furnishings, haul out the garden carts, lather up the sunscreen, and celebrate your home. Home is a place of security, safety, and, often, your sanctuary. It is also the place where those who made the ultimate sacrifice never returned to.

This weekend the bunting will be hung on the Davenport front porch. Joe will make a few of his famous stuffed burgers and I’ll whip up potato salad and, maybe, a blueberry pie… if I can find flour! We will strap on our tool belts and continue our work on the back porches, decks, and pavilion as we dream of what the future holds! Gatherings of friends and families joining together around fire pits while laughing and sharing in each other’s company is something I have grown to appreciate more than ever.

So, as we roll into this special weekend, how about a few diva dishes and inspirational exteriors. Some of our own LDD designs and some designs from my favorite colleagues and partners in design...

When it comes to a staycation this Northeastern Connecticut Haven is everything a young family can wish upon a star for. The design collaboration was a match that exploded like pixie dust, creating the perfect balance of magic and charm sprinkled with classic architecture and design. Imagine for a moment swimming up to this bar top for a margarita while your favorite baseball game plays on the large screen. The smoky, rich smell of burgers tickles your nose and creates a little rumble deep in your belly. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to call Joe over to that grill and have him whip up his famous burgers, please and thank you!

Architect: Kemper Associates

Designers: LDD Interiors

Hardscaping: Creative Exteriors

My co-host Garrison on Coast to Coast Design Podcast creates exteriors that instill peace and harmony. I asked Garrison to share a space where he would find he and I sharing a smooth glass of whiskey, catching up on life and this new normal we are living. And he did.

I can see myself very much at home here. You can’t deny the harmony that is playing out before your eyes. The warm sun is softened by the heavily wooded overlook and a light breeze kisses my cheeks. Garrison masterfully carries rustic elements through the porch space with bulky statement pieces rich in texture and simplicity. Then he brings a smile across your lips with bold pillow patterns. I can see him with a smile as he serves up my favorite glass of whiskey!

Designer: GHID Design

Entrances to spaces set the stage for your experience. Often this is overlooked when designing outdoor spaces. How does the saying go? You have 3 seconds to make a first impression? Tyler of Torrison Stone and Garden understands the importance of that impression. Here, his collaboration with Bob from RLI Electric highlights one of his finest creations: the juxtaposition of free form steps and boulders to the geometric blocked wall create a co-existence that is delicately highlighted by Bob’s carefully placed lighting.

It is easy to be drawn into the space. I can see myself climbing the stairs, my famous potato salad ready for an evening of great company and good eats!

Landscape Lighting: RLI Electric

LDD has been blessed to be surrounded by great talent, both within our studios and also within our communities. When a very dear couple came to us to design their own exterior oasis I knew we needed only the finest craftsman on the project. We proudly assembled a team that not only complimented my design aesthetic, but could further the vision as well.

Outdoor living must be carefree and comfortable. The design must engage you and have you continually finding nuggets that surprise you. Dine in this Lloyd Flanders dining ensemble overlooking raised beds of fresh vegetables where much of your dinner was harvested. Scoop up your dessert comprised of blueberry pie and glass of wine and sink into a chair by the fire while the evening peepers sing. And before the sun sets far behind the tree line, take a tour of the garden by keeping the steppingstones as your lead. You’ll continue on your journey to find little surprises: a stool made from a tractor seat, a little ceramic turtle, and maybe a fish or two. As you look over your shoulder a pair of Adirondack chairs call you to sit for a spell and maybe have a second piece of pie as you absorb all the beauty that lies before you.

That is an engaging design experience. What is even better? I promise a return visit will surprise you with a few more nuggets, because design is always evolving.

Design: LDD Interiors

Construction: Cuomo Construction

Hardscaping: Torrison Stone

Exterior Lighting Design: RLI Electric

Landscape Design: Natureworks

Yes, Memorial Day does look a little different. Although, in some ways, it looks very much the same. So celebrate! Have an all-American red-blooded burger, with a side of white potato salad, and a slice of blueberry pie. Then raise your glass and say thanks to those American soldiers that are now serving in Heaven. See what I did there (*giggle*)

God Bless America… and have a great weekend.


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