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Father's Day Fixins

“You gotta know when to be lazy. Done correctly, it's an art form that benefits everyone.” Nicholas Sparks, The Choice

There, up on the small crest of our property in Connecticut, is a large oak tree Joe and I planted twenty years ago. On a perfect Father’s Day you can hear the birds singing and the low hum of a lawn mower in the far distance. A light breeze brushes your cheeks while your nose is tickled by the smell of a neighbor’s grill, causing you belly to rumble for a moment. Under that oak tree on the afternoon of a perfect Father’s Day you can find Joe swinging gently in his hammock, legs crossed at the ankles, his baseball cap pulled down over his face, and one arm sprawled over his head. There is a half-finished beer that sweats in the grass below him, and a soft snore escapes his chest as he enjoys a well-deserved slumber. Some would see this as a lazy swing in the shade, but it something so much more… it’s a recharge, and we are all the beneficiaries. See, that recharge gives Joe the energy to keep being the amazing father he is. He’ll hop out of the hammock with a soft grunt and come down the hill with a big smile, eyes dancing, ready to throw steaks on the grill. Yeah, we are the beneficiaries of his moment of laziness! *giggle*

As we embark on a weekend that honors our dads the team at LDD Interiors wanted to share some of our favorite ways to celebrate dad while keeping him safe with social distancing and, heck, maybe even suggests a little laziness! Read on and enjoy… including a few Diva Dishes that we love to share with the dads in our lives.

That hammock that has offered Joe so many opportunities to recharge spurred from a bit of a tradition. For many years my own dad’s hammock was the envy of Joe. Strung between two maple trees on my parent’s property, Joe would sneak quietly across the grass, climb in, looking to find that sweet spot. I wish I captured the look on Joe's face the year the kids and I gifted him with his own hammock. You would think he had won the lotto. This Father’s Day I expect Joe will climb into his L.L. Bean Hammock. I certainly want him to take the time… ya know to ‘recharge, and grill me a steak!’

Kate, our Studio Assistant in the Connecticut office, brings us this amazing Diva Dish from her dad… Cheers to Eugene, Happy Father’s Day!

The quick, sharp, yet low purr of the fishing reel brings joy to many. A unique invitation given by Mother Nature herself to enjoy the soothing effects of the water and the dance of the fish below the surface. Our rivers, streams, lakes, bays, and oceans will be filled with dads enjoying the serenity that offers a quick jolt of excitement when the fish on the hook offers a little battle. We love Simms Solar Flex Armor Shirts; they’ll protect your man from the sun and you’ll support another made in America manufacturer!

My dad loves Salmon. It’s been years since I made this recipe for him… yet it is still one of my favorites.

The sun cuts through the morning mist while it rises, creating a jagged, almost blinding, yet enticing pattern just as a warmup swing or two swooshes through the manicured grass. I often think of the joy that golf brought my Uncle Jimmy. I only personally dabble in the sport myself, although I can certainly understand the attraction. On the course, there among the quiet, enthusiasts find a balance between the competitive drive and peace. It is no secret I search hard for more and more American made products. This Father’s Day I’m pleased to share there is still one fine golf iron made in the USA. P53, founded in 2012, based in Austin, is forging bespoke irons for the most discerning golfers. Yeah, you’re going to love these…

Another Diva Dish, Laurie’s Pasta Salad!

As the years begin to fly by I find the giggles and playful squeals of joy from children to be music to my ears. This Father’s Day many of us will be standing across a lawn, driveway, or sidewalk social distancing with our dads. Personally, I haven’t hugged my dad since February. I miss his big, baseball mitt hands on my back as he pulls me close to his chest. Although we can’t enjoy hugs… a corn hole game or two might be just what the doctor ordered. How about stepping up the corn hole experience with customized walnut, cherry, and maple inlaid boards! Gambill Woodworking (a wonderful Etsy find) offers handmade boards in many styles and patterns and, you guessed, all crafted in the USA. My nieces and nephews love a good corn hole game. I’ll leave my competitive streak at the curb and let them win a few games. My reward instead will be their laughter and bright smiles!

On Father’s Day if dad chooses to man the grill let’s make it fun and easy. Joe’s not a fan of my Salmon… but he loves (as do I) his grilled Asparagus. And it’s so easy!

Sunday will be different. Still, I plan on making the best of it. I’m looking forward to watching Joe take a little siesta under the oak tree. I’ll enjoy seeing my dad & blowing him kisses, even if it is across a lawn. Because in the end, the two most important dads in my life are healthy and safe!

Coming up next week… let’s talk about those home offices!


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